1000 Words Essay

Please choose one of the following topics, and use it as the basis of a well-developed, well-organized argumentative essay. Whichever topic you choose, make sure that you 1) narrow the topic. 2) Articulate a thesis that makes a clear argumentative claim. 3) Support that claim with several distinct reasons. 4) Back up those claims by describing relevant concrete examples—and explaining, in detail, how those examples demonstrate the truth of the reasons you are offering. Your essay should be at the very least 1000 words in length. 1. Social media have “plunged us irrevocably into a dark and frightening age of unreason” (Coyne). By unreason, Coyne would appear to mean ignorance, arrogance and irrationality. Take your own position on the issue that Coyne raises.2. “It’s entirely possible there is nothing we can do about [the harm being done to society by social media]” (Coyne). Take your own position on the issue that Coyne raises.3. The wisest (or worst) thing a student can do during her or his time at university4. Fear5. OpportunityThe use of a dictionary is encouraged.Limited use of research is permitted—but bear in mind that what I am most interested in is your ability to craft a rational, well-organized argument.Please double-space your work; it should be on one side of each page only; it should be set in Times New Roman 12 point.

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