A.D.D.I.E. Model

Choose a task with which you are familiar with like, mowing the lawn, making a salad, or studying for a test (it is not limited to these)  and develop a job instruction training sheet for it.   The sheet should show trainees what to do, and the key points show it’s done and why.        Use the ADDIE Model – list each – i.e. Anyalze – In order to grow my painting business, I need to train painters – make sure you tell me how you are going to train (online etc….) Setting Learning Objectives — Should specify in measurable terms what the trainee will be able to accomplish when the training is completed. you need 2 well written objectives Creating a Motivational Learning Environment — The learning environment should take into account both the trainees’ ability and motivation. This should look this:  Training for Painting  By:   A (Anyalze) – explain here  D-  D –  I  E –  make sure you think through this step as evaluation  List your 2 objectives  Tell me how you are training them

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