A Girl of the Streets

The research paper must be written in MLA format (double spaced, 12 Times New Roman) with the correct use of quotations/citations). It must be approximately 1500 words or five full pages in length (not counting a Works Cited page). Sample Topics (you don’t HAVE to choose from this list, but use it if it helps you. DO NOT turn in an author bio or plot summary. The paper must have a point-of-view and a purpose that is your own). You must use Maggie: A Girl of the Streets.  Discuss who you believe the protagonist of this story is. Hint: It may not be Maggie. What symbols or themes do you feel are the most powerful? How do they move the story forward? What type of writer is Crane: Realist, Naturalist, Modernist, or Post-Modernist? How is this style reflected in the story? Discuss how the setting (time period, general or specific setting, dirty alleys, etc.) influenced the story. Could this same story have been set anywhere else? If so, where? What kind of character is Maggie? How do you feel about her? Is she responsible for her fate? Who is/are the antagonist(s) in this story? The Irish immigrant stereotype is alive and well in this story. How does this reflect Crane’s attitude? How is violence portrayed in this story? Use specific scenes to support your response. What does it say about weakness and strength? Religion is important to this community. What role does it play in specific characters’ lives and in general? How does it affect Maggie? What do you believe is Maggie’s fate and why? Is this justified?

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