A Monster Calls

Write a 3-5 page formalist analysis of a text on “A Monster Calls” by Patrick Ness; each paragraph has to be 5-8 sentences long. Research text and include your findings in the essay, which I will include the research since it has to come from the library of the school. Will need to have a Works Cited page. The thesis has to be as follows, but all one sentence: Writing your essay: C. Thesis statement model: The thesis statement is the last sentence of your introduction. It should look like so for this essay: Although (counterclaim) __________________________________________, ^this should be where you state the surface level interpretation of the text I argue that (claim) _______________________________________________ ^this is your main argument. You will be arguing that the text has a deeper meaning or deeper commentary here and you will state what that meaning or commentary is because of the text’s use of _____, ______, and ________. ^these are your subclaims and should be a list of the literary elements you found in the text that you’ll use as evidence to support your interpretation of the text’s deeper meaning or commentary **Please note that, though I’ve separated this thesis statement into 3 parts, your thesis statement is made up of one sentence.** A quick note on Introductions and Conclusions: Introductions: Your introduction should be at least 5 sentences long. Your introduction should move from a broad topic to the specific topic of your essay. You should begin your introduction without referencing the text you are analyzing — you should, instead, discuss a broader idea or topic that relates somehow to the text you’re analyzing. Do not begin your essay by saying something about the text or author; instead, discuss the importance of teachers in general (in reference to the example thesis mentioned above). Your introduction should then move from the broad topic toward the specific and will, eventually, reach the thesis statement. Conclusions: Your conclusion should do the opposite of your introduction and should also be at least 5 sentences. You should review the thesis statement and your essay’s topic in 2-3 sentences and then should move to a broad topic. Consider answering the question “why should someone read this text?” “Who cares about this deeper meaning or commentary and why should someone care?” The last 2 – 3 sentences of your essay should NOT reference the thesis, the text, the author of the text, or anything specifically referenced in your thesis statement.

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