Abnormal Behavior

Many popular films deal with some aspect of abnormal behavior. However, sometimes it is hard to separate fact from fiction. Basically you will be acting as a clinical psychologist by diagnosing the character with mental illness or illnesses using the criteria laid out in the DSM 5 and the evidence provided in the film. For this assignment you will watch one of the below films and write a 4-6 page paper In your paper please include: Indicate what mental disorder is being represented in the film and identify the character exhibiting this. Compare the portrayal of the disorder in the film to the criteria for the disorder laid out in the DSM-V and your textbook. What is the character doing that aligns with the criteria for the disorder? Indicate whether or not you think the film represents an accurate portrayal of the disorder and why. Discuss the potential biological, psychological, and sociological factors that may contribute to the abnormal behavior. Discuss if the person seeks treatment for their condition? If so, what kind and was it useful? If not, what are the repercussions for the person not seeking treatment? What messages does this film send to the audience about individuals with mental illness? Is this message supported by empirical research? What are the potential implications of these messages? Potential Films: Fight Club The Aviator Shutter Island I Am Sam As Good As It Gets What’s Eating Gilbert Grape Rain Man Silver Linings Playbook The Royal Tenenbaums Sybil Secret Window The Dark Knight Fatal Attraction A Beautiful Mind Requiem For a Dream Memento Annie Hall No Country For Old Men It’s Kind of a Funny Story Me, Myself, and Irene Forrest Gump Primal Fear Black Swan Psycho (1960) The Hours Prozac Nation Charlie and The Chocolate Factory (2005) Gone With the Wind The Road Within Not on the list – must be cleared by the instructor

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