Access Controls

Learning Objectives and OutcomesAnalyze access control implementations in various environments.Assignment RequirementsMicrosoft Windows implements access controls by allowing organizations to define users, groups, and object DACLs that support their environment. Organizations define the rules, and Windows enables those rules to be enforced.Answer the following question(s):Do you think access controls are implemented differently in a government agency versus a typical information technology company? Why or why not?Do you think access controls differ among private industries, such as retail, banking, and manufacturing? Why or why not?Fully address the question(s) in this discussion; provide valid rationale for your choices, where applicable; and respond to at least two other students’ views.Required ResourcesCourse textbookInternet accessSubmission RequirementsFormat: Microsoft Word (or compatible)Font: Arial, size 12, double-spaceAPA Citation StyleLength: 1/2 to 1 pageSelf-Assessment ChecklistI fully addressed the question(s) in the discussion instructions.I included justification or rationale for my choices, where applicable.I responded to at least two other students’ views.I followed the submission guidelines.

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