Action Plan

Create a plan outlining what you are going to do between now and when you go out on the job market to acquire the skills and abilities that you will need to become TuneCore’s most attractive recruit. As with your gap analysis, avoid simplistic statements such as “get my degree in accounting.” Think in terms of skills, abilities and competen-cies rather than majors, courses, or job titles. This section of the paper represents an ac-tion plan for obtaining the competencies necessary to be the most attractive candidate applying to your chosen company. • Questions to think about: o What position at TuneCore interest you and why? (MARKETING is the position) o What career steps do you need to pursue in order to get to the ultimate job at TuneCore? o To what extent does TuneCore provide employee training? Do its training programs seem to be above or below average for this industry? Thinking about production or service jobs, what training methods seem to be most widely used at TuneCore? T8

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