Acute Asthma Attack Careplan

JP is a 12-year-old Caucasian male patient, recently moved from California to Denver, Colorado (a city with high elevations). Due to this change, pts. Oxygen levels will be low until he acclimates to the environment. The patient engages in strenuous activities such as weekly soccer, baseball basketball, and PE in school. Based on these details, the patient is at greatest risk for Acute Asthma Attack. See attached photos. Develop a health plan to help them prevent the disease and improve their quality of life. Your plan should include health care recommendations, educational materials, and support systems for making lifestyle changes, and tools and resources for managing and monitoring symptoms. As part of your plan, include the following: · Provide a brief summary of the impact of that disease on his functional health status. · Provide a health plan for risk prevention addressing diet, exercise, health monitoring recommendations, pharmacological aids, diagnostic testing recommendations, and additional lifestyle changes. – Clearly explain the interrelationships between pathophysiology, pharmacology, diagnostic testing, and management on the individual’s health and the disease. · Identify and summarize at least one current pharmacological advancement or a key piece of substantiated research in the treatment or prevention of the disease. Cite your source(s). · Identify two or more websites to aid in the physical and mental well-being of the individual. – Include the weblinks and a summary of the features and benefits of each site in a brief paragraph. – Explain how specific components/features of the site can benefit your individual’s health care.

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