Administrative Law

Write Answer to these following questions: 1. Define Administrative Law. Distinguish between Administrative law and Constitutional law. 2. What do you mean by “Rule of Law” and “Rule by Law”? Explain the characteristics of Turkish Administrative Law. 3. When judiciary can control the Administrative action? Explain the constitutional provision relating to “Atatürk High Institution of Culture, Language and History”? 4. When renewal of trial can be initiated? Enumerate the contents of the judgments touching the administrative litigation. 5. What is Council of State? Describe the qualifications of the members belonging to Council of State? 6. Enumerate the legal provision on “Assembly of the Unification of Conflicting Judgments” belonging to Council of state. What are the different divisions of Council of State? 7. How the Judicial Decisions are executed under the Act on Administrative Justice Procedure? When can an Appeal be made under the said Act? 8. Mention the provision of Intermediate Appeal in the light of Act on Administrative Justice Procedure. Enumerate the different actions which can be taken upon an Appellate Decision. 9. What is High Board of Discipline mentioned in the Council of State Act? What are the Functions of the Judicial Divisions under the said act? 10. Enumerate the decision-making organs of the Council of State. How the members of the Council of State are appointed? 11. What is the Plenary Assembly of the Council of State? Who can request the Unification of Conflicting Judgments? 12. Explain the functions of the Plenary Sessions of the Administrative and Tax Law Divisions. What is the Board of Administrative Affairs?

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