Adult Learning Linking theory and Practice by Merriam & Bierma

After reading textbook chapters 1 through 3 (Adult Learning Linking theory and Practice by Merriam & Bierma) and the article by Hagen and Park (2016) and reviewing the info-graphic provided, respond to the following discussion questions.1. Discuss adult learning in today’s world including the factors and forces influencing the context of adult learning, main differences between child and adult learning, and the connection of each of the five learning theories (orientations) to adult learning as presented by the textbook authors.2. Andragogy contributed to or led to the field of adult education distinguishing andragogy from pedagogy. Discuss the assumptions posited by Knowles in his introduction of andragogy, the view of andragogy today, and how neuroscience explains how andragogy works. As an adult learner, how do you see yourself in light of Knowles’ assumptions and related neuroscience?

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