Adults and Critical Thinking

How do you define critical thinking and what is your critical perspective? How does this impact your everyday life? Think back to a time when you were presented with something new and look to the abilities that critical thinkers possess posited by Ennis (1989) on page 223 of your textbook. What skills and abilities did you have at that time? Did you exhibit open-mindedness and consider the bigger picture? Did you seek options and use credible sources? Go through all the items on that list and tie your responses to each item with the example you are using. As a second part of the question, how do you or would you facilitate critical thinking and foster critical reflection? In what ways would you or do you build a learning community within your context? Ennis (1989) posited that critical thinkers possess certain abilities that set them apart from those who do not exhibit critical thinking. These include: Assume a position or change it based on the evidence Remain relevant to the point Seek information and precision in the information sought Exhibit open-mindedness. Consider the big picture Focus on the original problem Search for the reason Orderly consider complex components of problems Seek a clear statement of the problem Seek options Show sensitivity to others’ feelings and knowledge Use credible sources (PAGE 223)        Critical Thinking video

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