Advanced Practice Nurse

Describe how your future practice as an advanced practice nurse can promote access to health care in your area. Be specific about the interventions that you will do? Health care promotion practices There is plenty for the society from Advanced nurse practitioners. Perhaps, nurses play essential roles in ensuring better and effective access to healthcare. As an advanced nurse practitioner in the region, there are plenty of services to offer to the community to improve and promote their health status. To help those people in my area as a highly trained and skilled nurse I will educate them on all things concerning health, and this will help to reduce the cost of treatment among individuals. Educating the community on health issues such as cleaning their hands and ensuring they live in a clean environment will help reduce the rate of infections according to Bryant?Lukosius, et al. (2016). As an advanced nurse practitioner, enlightening the community through learning programs on mental health disorders will be a critical element (Zaccagnini, & Pechacek, 2019). Furthermore, I will ensure the community effectively deals with mental health disorders by providing counseling to families and patients. Such a program is intended to reduce the rate of mental health disorders that might result in deterioration of the general health of patients. There are plenty of community events to engage in as an advanced nurse practitioner to offer volunteer services such as screening to enhance treatments. However, playing the main role as an advanced nurse practitioner will be of great importance to the general health of the community. Thus, in addition to other services, I will provide treatment to patients in the community. This, together with public education will decrease the occurrence of diseases and thus mortality rates.In conclusion, people must be educated on how to control or prevent certain disease infections this will help them from getting infected, and also will help in reducing the high cost of treatment among individuals in an area, also people have to be able to observe a balanced diet to improve body immunity.ReferencesBryant?Lukosius, D., Spichiger, E., Martin, J., Stoll, H., Kellerhals, S. D., Fliedner, M., … &           Schwendimann, R. (2016). Framework for evaluating the impact of advanced practice nursing roles. Journal of Nursing Scholarship, 48(2), 201-209.Zaccagnini, M., & Pechacek, J. M. (2019). The doctor of nursing practice essentials: A new model for advanced practice nursing. Jones & Bartlett Learning. For more information read this:

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