Advancement in Biotechnology

Nominate a person or group of people who have, in your opinion, made a substantial contribution to biotechnology. The nominee(s) can come from any time period. They can be currently living, or dead. You must clearly explain the contribution your nominee(s) has made to the advancement of biotechnology, then explain the impact of this contribution. You must convince me and your TA why your nominee is a game-changer and deserves the prize. Use the Rubric to help you structure your assignment. Format • You must make your nomination in a minimum of three (3) pages and a maximum of five(5) single?sided pages, not including references or a title page. • Use the APA style guide to format your references (see the APA Style Guide on the BIOL 1010 cuLearn page) • Print must be double-spaced, with 1-inch margins all around. • Type size must be no smaller than 12 points. • Submit as an Adobe .pdf or Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx file) document through the cuLearn Assignment page. The assignment is due before 11:59 pm (Eastern Time) on Thursday 16 July 2020 Checklist: (Not Rubric, but helpful) Is the choice of nominee appropriate (nominee made a significant contribution to biotechnology)? Is the nominee’s contribution to biotechnology clearly explained? Do you present coherent, logical, well-supported arguments in your nomination? Is the format correct? Is the title informative and appropriate? References [including URLs if you use websites]. Did you follow the APA Style Guide? Is the paper well written with no grammatical or spelling errors?

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