Advertisement Analysis

ADVERTISEMENT ANALYSIS Overview: From a business perspective, advertisements function to promote advertisers’ products or services over competing brands, and to place these goods or services before consumers so that they can make informed buying decisions. In a 1,000-1,200 word analysis, compare/contrast three print/internet ads [or a combination of both], OR three TV ads. The ads should all feature the same type of product, but should be taken from different websites/magazines/newspapers [For example, three alcohol ads ~ one from a women’s magazine, one from a newspaper, and one from a sport’s website/magazine, or any other combination of websites/magazines, or if you choose to use TV ads found on YouTube instead, these are acceptable as long as they are targeting different audiences]. Provide a description of the ads ~ the name of the websites/magazines/newspaper you found the ads along with images of or links to the ads, include an interpretation[s] of each different ad, and evaluate your analysis of the ads [specific questions on this are noted below in the outline].  Responses to the following outline of questions noted below may be used as a guideline for compiling and presenting your analysis which will be evaluated based on substance and development of your ideas including specific details and relevant examples in your discussion ~ please feel free to copy/paste the outline, and respond to the different components within a Word document. Description: Take notes on your three ads reflecting what is going on in the ads by briefly describing each ad.  What is the narrative or scenario apparent in the ad [setting, characters, conflict, attitudes, etc.]? What different persuasive strategies seem to be at work in the ad?  Interpretation: Determine common patterns or differences which emerge when comparing the ads.  What different sets of values are being sold [e.g. ideas about patriotism, family, sex, beauty, technology, tradition, etc.]? Are the ads selling a vision or stereotype of what it means to be male or female? Are the ads selling a vision or stereotype of what it means to be young, old, or middle-aged? Are the ads selling a vision or stereotype of what it means to be a member of a particular racial, religious, or ethnic group?  Evaluation:  Make a judgment about which ad works best and why.  Which ad is the best at treating both the product and consumer fairly and responsibly? Do any of the ads appear to be inappropriate, deceptive, or irresponsible?

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