Advertising in the Food System

Write a 1750 word paper answering; The children need to be controlled pertaining to the media they access. According to Koc, Sumner and Winson (2012), there must be regulation of the media subject to the concern of junk food advertising. The initiative will help in the prevalence rates of obesity among children. There is a strong correlation between obesity and non-nutritious food adverts. Schlosser (2012) asserts that children below the age of 6 years are easily persuaded by unhealthy food advertisements.Consequently, the advertisement for the food systems becomes exploitative and intimidating for the children. In fact, the exposure of children to advertisements makes children develop their food preferences at a very tender age. Consequently, the children become selective in the food they take. Unfortunately, children preferences are fatty and junk foods, which cause obesity. Before children can realize the effect of such foods on their health, they are already obese. The persuasive nature of the adverts is intriguing and unfair. In fact, the child’s food preferences gradually influence the parents’ choice of food shopping. It leads to the obesity epidemic, even among the parents.Parents often get compromised by their children on the choice of food to take because most parents are never willing to appear harsh to children. There is a need for the ban on advertisement of junk food and the introduction of nutritious foods on TV food system advertisements. Junk food constitutes of foods and drinks containing high sugar, fat and salt content. The advertisement categorizes junk foods as energy-dense in order to persuade the customers to purchase the foods. The media negatively contribute to the growth of children because of the persuasive adverts of fatty foods. The children face a tough social life, throughout life when they develop obesity.The fact that children sometimes watch many channels contributes to easy access to many food advertisements spontaneously.&nbsp.&nbsp.

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