Advocacy for Change

This assignment will require the student to select a PARTICULAR POLICY, PRACTICE OR SERVICE RELEVANT to social workers engaged in practice with active duty, Veterans, and/or their families reviewed in the course and explore the issues in more depth. A focus of this assignment is too advocate a change that would improve the issue. Students will research the area and get a thorough understanding of what the issue is and will review any regulations or directives that apply to that area of practice and issue. The student will then decide on one significant change that would improve the issue. The change must be feasible and the student must explain how that change will be accomplished. Finally, the student must describe how the impact of the change can be evaluated. The student will provide a paper that discusses the following: 1. What is the issue and how is it being handled? 2. What are current regulations, directives, or policies that apply to the issue? 3. What change is proposed and how feasible (cost, compatibility with regulations and military society standards) is that change? 4.What are military agencies that are likely to resist change and why will they resist? 5. What will tell you that the change has had the desired effect? 6. Consider why the existing programs in place for veterans and service members are not moving the needle for in the direction they would like to see. *Avoid using fancy jargons* *Please focus on a policy, practice or service!* *This about the families that are associated with veterans, soldiers, and civilians. *In my last assignment, I mentioned to my teacher an idea that I would incorporate is creating programs for veterans and civilians once retired or deployed from the military. And I would also provide a plan for children that are often moved around.

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