Advocacy Letter

The purpose of Part 2 is to examine the decision criteria, alternatives, and assumptions of your problem statement. Assignment Instructions  1. Work with the same assigned peer as you did in Part 1.  2. Think about ways that your group can address the problem statement. » Remember, the problem statement should reflect the collective group’s position.  3. Collaborate with your peer to analyze and respond to the following prompts individually, using your own words in your responses: » What can be done for the least cost, and as quickly as possible, to address the target issue and improve the health of the affected people group(s)? » Where might each learner’s individual biases be present in considering possible interventions? » What is the rationale for the selected approach to address this problem? » How realistic are the implementation plan and any preferred alternative? » Where do you agree or disagree with your peer? Identify differences and explain why.  Assignment Requirements  1. Identify two additional (2) peer-reviewed scholarly articles to cite and support your writing for this part of the assignment. In general, non-scholarly claims are also acceptable for this assignment, if sources are cited.  2. Submit using APA formatting.  3. Include a thesis statement and use sources to support your claims. Conclude with a summary of the collaboration process, the value, benefits, and the ways that you might have been challenged to rethink your assumptions or biases.

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