Affordable Care Act

high-quality sources.  It should address the following elements: You should provide a brief historical overview of the issue that you’re discussing. 2)You should present evidence regarding public opinion on your topic, discussing any relevant differences between different racial, gender, age, religious or other relevant demographic groups 3)You should discuss any action that has been taken in Congress in response to the proposal 4)You should discuss any major constitutional provisions and major relevant Supreme Court precedents that apply to your issue 5)You should make sure to make a persuasive argument for or against the proposal Please note several important aspects of this assignment: ?This is an analytical paper ? .  In other words, your paper should be devoted to defending your conclusion using logic and evidence.  It should use only credible sources, and it should back up its assertions with facts taken from credible sources.  It should also consider both sides of the issue. ? This is a research paper ? .  That means that you should conduct research to find relevant information to support your conclusion.  Although I am interested in your opinion, you must be able to support that opinion with facts and figures and evidence.  You will obtain these facts and figures and evidence from your research.  Please note that the better and more numerous your sources, the higher your grade is likely to be.  Academic sources are especially encouraged.  ? Papers that use only web sites as sources cannot receive a  “A” or “B.”  Papers that use Wikipedia or an online encyclopedia as a source cannot receive an “A.” ? This is a paper about government ? .  Although your paper should certainly address the issue of whether the proposal is a good idea (would it work?), it should also address issues such as its constitutionality, its effect on federalism, its effect on separation of powers (if any), etc. You must provide attribution ? .  In an academic paper, you must cite your sources within the text of the paper, as well as provide a “works cited” page at the end. This applies both to direct quotes from other authors AND circumstances in which you merely use the ideas or information reported by another author.  ? Please note:  all papers are automatically submitted to ?Your writing counts. ?  Points will be deducted for poor spelling and grammar. ? Effort counts. ?  This paper should be at least 8, typed, double-spaced pages long, and it should use a minimum of 8 sources.  Papers that demonstrate more effort are more likely to receive a higher grade than papers that demonstrate less effort. ?Certain Topics Are Off Limits ? – There are several topics that you may not write about.  These include (but are not limited to) any proposals or actions related to LBGTQ rights, marijuana, abortion & birth control, the death penalty, or gun control..  Furthermore, the topic should be about domestic affairs rather than foreign affairs.  It should also be controversial — proposals with broad, bipartisan support are not appropriate. f

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