African American Entrepreneurs

This paper is actually a business paper based on African American Entrepreneurs. Must be completed in APA style (6th edition) Must be largely written component. Must be between 15 and 20 pages long. Must include theory of your discipline and application of discipline topics. Research Paper (Thesis) The paper should be set up similar to a thesis. A general format would be as follows: o Title page, table of contents, Abstract o Introduction of topic, purpose of researching this topic, importance of researching this topic. o Research Question – What is the question you are trying to answer by performing your research? o Review of Literature – Summarize other research articles and sources that you have found on the same or related topic. o Methodology – description of procedures and protocols your followed to obtain your research data or information o Results – What did you find out? If you have empirical data, what does the data show you? If you have formed an opinion from your research, what is it? o Limitations to your study, any future studies of this topic or related topic? o Conclusion – What does all of this mean? o References

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