African American History

Final Writing Assignment Fall/2020 20 (Twenty Points) Over the last twenty years there have been at least a half dozen films depicting the slave experience within African American history. Many of them deal with actual events and people—Birth of a Nation (Nat Turner); 12 Years a Slave (Solomon Northrup); Harriet (Harriet Tubman); The Amistad. These are true stories You are to view two of these films (Netflix, Hulu, HBO etc.) and write a five-page minimum critical essay with citations on how the films depiction of various aspects of slavery conform to the reality we have covered in the class within the themes of race, resistance and culture/identity/heritage. You are free to use information from your textbook, notes, links, documents etc. YOU MAY NOT USE ANY OTHER OUTSIDE SOURCE SUCH AS A MOVIE REVIEW—THIS CONSTITUTES PLAGIARISM AND YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE CREDIT FOR THE ASSISGNMENT. THE PAPERS WILL BE RAN THROUGH SAFE ASSIGN THAT CAN DETECT PLAGIARISM. There are any number of events that take place in the films that you can place in historical context. As you write your essay, include at least two scenes that particularly help you better understand what we have been discussing in class. You can deal with each film separately after a general introduction, then transition to the other film with a conclusion that pulls everything together on the overall role and impact of slavery. As you write your paper, you should cite your sources in the following way: 1. The film: Amistad. Director: Steven Spielberg. Perf. Anthony Hopkins, Djimon Hounsou, Morgan Freeman, DreamWorks Pictures, 1997. Include the first three lead actors as indicated. 2. Your notes (Stevenson, African American History 203, September 11 Class Lecture) for example. 3. Struggle for Freedom, Chapter 6, p. 124) After the first time you fully cite the films you can simply use the title of the film—you do not have to continue what I have provided you in #1 above. The papers are due no later than December 2 BY NOON IN BLACKBOARD. IT WILL BE LISTED IN THE ASSIGNMENT SECTION. DO NOT PULL INFORMATION FROM REVEIWS OF THESE FILMS—USE YOUR OWN WORDS. VISIT THE WRITING CENTER TO HAVE YOUR PAPER REVEIWED BEFORE YOU TURN IT IN. PAPERS THAT SHOW SIGNS OF PLAGIARISM WILL RECEIVE A 0. DO NOT HESITATE TO ASK QUESTIONS IF YOU HAVE THEM—THE WRITING CENTER IS OPERATING VIRTUALLY—SEE DSU WEBSITE

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