Air Pollution

My topic is Air Pollution, we must teach the readers about the subject, everything there is to know about air pollution ie; what is air pollution? what are the causes of air pollution? What are the effects of air pollution? How to help reduce Air Pollution? How to protect yourself against Air Pollution? The paper must be at least 5 pages in length.the paper must include:A titled cover page (an example is attached)Table of Contents with page numbers (Use as subtitles in the paper)A bibliography/references (see attached example). List these alphabetically.Page numbers (number all pages) and margins (2.5cm or 1 inch for top, bottom, right, and left).Length:Five typewritten and double-spaced pages (size 12 font and Times New Roman) of ideas are required. The bibliography or reference page is page 6. Every sentence must make sense. Read your paper at least 2-4 times.All references must be documented (see above)* Encyclopedia and undocumented work including Wikipedia are unacceptable.

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