Air Pollution in China

Create a 14 pages page paper that discusses air pollution in china. Pollution is a major environmental concern that prevails in the environment. In China, pollution is regarded as one of the most important environmental factors that disrupt the atmosphere of the region. There has been an increase in different forms of pollution in the region as there is an evolution of industrialization in China. This rise in environmental pollution is a major issue that has given rise to many kinds of health problems in the country. The World Bank as per its statistics in the year 2007 states that China comprises 16 cities out of the 20 cities that are considered to be the most polluted cities across the globe. This is the main problem of the research that has been identified in order to formulate the thesis. There are certain areas that would be focused on this research study. Pollution has become a vital aspect in today’s environment and this aspect would be dealt with in this study. The research study would denote the cause as well as the possible measures that the government is taking in China so as to lower down the pollution level. The research study would comprise of a background that would state the main reasons behind the excessive pollution in this region. There are various factors that contribute towards the pollution factor in China such as industrial wastages that forms the vital element that contributes towards increasing pollution in this region. The regions of China consist of water pollution, air pollution, organic pollutants, industrial pollution, etc. These issues have caused a drastic impact on the atmosphere of the country that has given rise to many health problems in the country which has even increased the death rates. The evolution of industries in the country has changed the economic state of the country but such environmental issues have also increased the overall economic costs of the country. The research study would deal with the probable reasons that have increased such costs and would even comprise some opinions from the public and other respondents on what they feel towards the highly alarming environmental issue that is prevailing in the country.

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