Air pollution in Harlem NY

investigate an environmental justice issue in your community : Bad Air quality in Harlem NY.   – How did this happen -­?Current situation -­? what is or isn’t happening, -­?Examine the issue and its ramification from every possible angle, who arethe various actors/participants, what are possible solutions, legislature, specific immediate ramifications and the longer term ones to the to the local community, health, air, water, soil, wildlife and the impact on the larger environment . Think about the relationships, connecting the dots from one aspect to another within our ecological system. -­?Include the impacts of COVID-19 to your issue -­?Be sure to make sure that what you write is current –many laws have beenchanged, regulations deregulated. Do the work, check if that funding or policystill exists in 2020. -Advocacy suggestions and nature-based solutions. This is required in the conclusion. Please be as specific as possible. -These specifics will vary depending on your topic, there is no exact forma or formula.. Think of it like a tree – the topic is the main tree trunk and all the history, issues, possible solutions are the roots and branches.   Minimum: 4 written pages, not including bibliography, pictures, NO COVERpage BE SURE To use citations-­? APL style and to use multiple reliable andvarying references (5 minimum), list in your bibliography page. Format: standard research paper, use proper citationsn, must include page numbers on bottom, NO cover sheet, include name on top.

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