Alan Turing

Historical Figure of your choice. (Humanitarian, Entertainer, Sports Figure, Politician, Activist, Entrepreneur, etc.) They cannot be alive. Go ahead and pick your person and start researching this person and start thinking about how you’d like to present this person.  (Side note: Ultimately, the speech should not be a bio. of your person. Create a specific thesis. What point or part of their life will the speech be about? Let this guide the material you start to generate.) Just start working on this and the material. We’ll shape and mold this into the actual speech in the next couple of weeks by Week 8, so there’s no hurry. I wouldn’t think of this in terms of the speech yet. Just pick your person and start researching that person and get a handle on the material. We’ll move to the next step and final product a little later.  If you can, please use Alan Turing as the historical figure

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