Allegory of the Cave

Final Paper (including bibliography)You may pick any work ( Allegory of the cave) we have read in this course and analyze the work as it applies to society. How was it received at the time it was written? What prompted the piece to be written(contemporary literary convention, political movement, societal upheaval, etc.). Is the piece still relevant today? Why?For this paper you must use at least five outside sources. These may include scholarly journals, books, and even reputable websites. All sources must be cited in a bibliography attached to your paper using proper MLA format. Consult your MLAstyle-book for this information.Step 1: Research:Pick a topic through preliminary research and create a thesis.Select key words from the thesis to use in our search.Search the database with keywords, AKA in-depth research and collect sources in one place.Step 2: Outline:Create a general outline.Insert the sources into the outline .Flesh out the outline into more complete ideas.Copy outline into new document titled “Draft”.Step 3: Draft:Using your outline to draft.Start from the body sections, write your content between the bullet points.Work on conclusion and then intro.Delete bullet points and solidify draft.Step 4:Finalize:Figure out what citation and paper formatting that is supposed to be used.Format paper: Make sure font, spacing,headers, footers, page numbers are in correct format.Format citations: Check any generated citations against citation guides.Take formatted draft into new document and work on final edits,

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