Alternative Dispute Resolution

Michael owns a business named All-Star Tennis and Racquet Center (“All-Star”). This flourishing business has eight indoor tennis courts, four indoor racquetball courts, and twelve lighted outdoor tennis courts. Shelby Supply has been All-Star’s sole supplier for the past three years of tennis and racquetballs, tennis and racquetball racquets, and shoe styles suitable for tennis and racquetball courts. Shelby Supply is getting ready to renegotiate its contract with All-Star that will substantially increase their supply volume with All-Star to include clothing. Shelby, owner of Shelby Supply, has been advised by her attorney that there was no language discussing any form of alternative dispute resolution in the original contract.   In one or more fully formed paragraphs, compare the three primary forms of ADR that should be considered for the new contract and explain the advantages and disadvantages of each.

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