Alternative Dispute Resolution

You are an HR Manager in a firm and have been asked to create a report following a recent dispute that you participated in resolving within a department in your company. You have to present this report to senior management as the dispute was formally reported to HR and a formal follow-up is required. What the report requires:You are required to write a 2500 word report outlining the definition of conflict and ADR. You will describe the type of the conflict that you managed at work, who the participants were and what steps were taken to identify the dispute. You will also briefly explain the methods and techniques involved in the resolving of this issue, the advantages and disadvantages of these methods, and any further recommendations for the development of ADR policies within the firm.The assignment report should include the following:• Cover all Learning Outcomes. ( An approximate of 200-250 words on each LO should suffice) • Introduction to the problem • Literature review based on the theories studied in the learning outcomes, such as the use of Mediation, Non-binding Evaluation and Arbitration • Methodology used to address the dispute at hand such as Negotiation and Adjudication• Recommendation based on learning outcomes and any suggestion made to the firm to improve policies related to ADR based on your recent experienceRemember to incorporate in-text citation and use credible sources. Harvard referencing style should be used for the bibliography. Lack of credible references will result in a loss of marks.Article   Review: – Alternative DisputeResolution: Why It Doesn’t Work and Why It DoesReview the attached article related to ADR and present a short evaluation on the main arguments and analysis within the article. You report should be no longer than 1000 words, and must include critical thinking of the arguments presented with an analytical conclusion based on the given material. This review only requires an analysis and conclusion.

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