Alternative Fossil Fuels

This is a research paper and you must use credible and up to date (last 5 years) sources only. We will be doing short research papers this semester and you can use them for this semester project. The most likely sources will be publications such as Physics Today, Physics News, News, Scientific American, New Scientist, and many others that you can find in the TWU electronic library (link to databases  (Links to an external site.) ). Wikipedia, other news outlets, and blogs which allow any public user to edit their contents are not appropriate sources. The mentioned sources can be a great place to start, just be sure to track the sources to the original study so that you know you are reporting peer-reviewed data and content. Writing Tips:   Grammar, syntax, diction, and spelling: Well- formulated sentences, paragraphs, and sections thoughtful, appropriate, and precise word choice Words spelled correctly, no basic grammatical errors Organization/Structure: Clear statement of purpose/thesis Informs reader of what essay will accomplish  Logically organized, good transitions, coheres as a whole Scholarship Adequate research of relevant resources  Follows stated format guidelines Reasoning Comprehension of material, demonstrated grasp of key concepts Well-reasoned and supported arguments and interpretations Original and/or fruitful insights developed in clear ways    Paper Outline: Your paper must reference at least five peer reviewed journal articles for groups and at least three for individuals. The paper also must include at least two diagrams and/or illustrations, and one for individuals.    Cover page   Introduction: Summary of articles: How articles relate to you and your future Social: Policy- Are there policies that support solutions or support more damage? Cultural- does religion or tradition hurt or support solutions? Humanity- does your topic or solutions to your topic create suffering for living things? Environmental: What does Science say? Economic: Who profits from supporting the root of the problem?  Who profits from supporting regulation of the problem?  Solutions: Conclusion: What is your biggest takeaway?

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