Alzheimer’s Disease

Term ProjectThe Interconnectedness of Disease and Disorders of the Human BodyFor our term project, you will be identifying and studying either a disease or disorder of the human body that affects more than one body system.Understanding more about human diseases or disorders.Some diseases or human disorders only affect one aspect of the human body, but most have adverse effects on multiple organ systems.Over the course of the term, you will be identifying and researching either a disease or disorder in humans that affects more than one body system. For example, you may find a disorder that primarily affects the digestive system, but also may adversely affect the urinary system. Or, a disease that is caused by a defect in the nervous system, whose symptoms include impairment of the musculoskeletal system.Part #1 (20% of grade for term project)The disorder/disease you want to study must be approved by the instructor and have information available to answer the following questions. These questions can be used to frame your final paper:What is disease or disorder – give a short description.What causes the disease or disorder?What organ systems are involved?What causes the multiple organ systems to be affected?What are the risk factors for the disease/disorder?Is there a cure and/or treatments for the disorder/disease?What is the current research on this disease/disorder?If your chosen topic does not answer all of these questions, you will need to find another topic.Some good sources to find topics:University of Maryland Health CenterBetter Health ChannelNational Human Genome Research InstituteFor Assignment #1, Please identify a disorder and answer the following questions. Be sure to have the topic approved by the instructor before proceeding. Send an email to the instructor asking if the topic is appropriate.What is disease and/or disorder (include a one paragraph description)? Please include the URL of your major source here as well.What is the primary cause of the disease/disorder?What other organ systems are affected by the disorder?What are some of the major risk factors for the disease/disorder?Is there a cure and/or treatment for the disease/disorder? If yes, briefly describe.

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