Amazon Writing Assessment

Total 800 characters, 2 pages. Shall leverage Amazon’s 14 leadership principles. Paragraph 1 – Introduction This paragraph should include an introduction to the topic and a summary of what you’re going to write about. Also, you should provide a brief answer to the question – state explicitly the innovation or judgement call that you made.    Problem Section In a fiercely competitive and price sensitive market, insurance companies are falling into a Customer Engagement Gap. To try and close this gap between what insurance brands deliver and their customers’ expectations, insurance companies are differentiating themselves through quality of experience. Action Section ·         Corresponds to the A section (Action) of the PAR structure. ·         Should be the longest section. ·         Begin each paragraph with a topic sentence that identifies the main idea or ideas that will be discussed in this paragraph. Are you talking about a lot of ideas in one paragraph? What’s the summary of them? Use this as your topic sentence. ·         Must say how you solved the problem that you mentioned in first paragraph. Results Section ·         Corresponds to the R section (Results) of the PAR structure. ·         What is the outcome of your judgement call or innovative idea? Last Paragraph – Conclusion ·         Restate the topic. ·         Summarize the main points that you’ve covered.

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