America and its Heroin Problem

SCENARIO While investigating the opioid crisis in America you have discovered that many individuals that were addicted to opioids have turned to heroin. Through your investigation you have found that a 30mg tablet of oxycodone has a street value of $30.00 per tablet. Many addicts have found heroin to be cheaper and easier to obtain. Especially when they can no longer obtain opioids from their physician or by illegal means. Your supervisor, says that your investigation into America’s drug problem is not complete until you investigate the heroin problem in America. Your supervisor has assigned the following tasks. TASK #1 – Provide 7 quotes from heroin addicts Example = I LIVE IN FEAR THAT I WILL RELAPSE (also the name of the person that said that quote) TASK #5 – Write a statistical analysis of America and its heroin problem

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