American Crime Story

The People vs. O.J. Simpson: An American Crime Story (On Netflix—Episode 9) ‘Manna from Heaven’ Discussion Questions: 1)    What is the main function of the media? How does this video explore and support this claim? 2)    What is an example of the news media agenda-setting? 3)    What are some examples of the impact of public opinion on the O.J trial? 4)    How is the concept of a spin doctor explored?  5)    What is priming and how was it carried out? 6)    What is framing and how was is carried out? 7)    The O.J Simpson trial was televised news—an entity that is often times pressured to produce story lines. How was this exemplified in the video? 8)    Are there any examples of sound bites (several second comment crafted for impact)? 9)    How did the O.J. Simpson trial play a role in the political socialization of generations that came after the trial?

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