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Coding is quite detailed and improper coding can be considered fraudulent billingCoding is quite detailed, and improper coding can be considered “fraudulent billing, subjecting you, the practice, and providers to monetary and criminal penalties. In addition, “under coding”, which is often the result of coders using a “cheat-sheet” of common codes, leaves substantial reimbursement to the provider/practice on the table.Examine and interpret the chart notes and/or ICD and CPT codes selected for patient Bruce Thomas, encounter date 5/14/2013. Identify and justify the proper code, analyze, and question the code(s) entered on the encounter form to ensure that the most appropriate and accurate code(s) have been selected. Provide your rationale for selecting the code. How did you reach your conclusion, and did you consider other code(s) that would also be appropriate. Pls it has to be on ONE page only, pls include a reference on the same page.

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