American Federal Government Essay

there has to be an argument why or why not the American Federal Government is or is not going in the right direction. The wording doesn’t have to be fancy plain is fine thank you. Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to assess your ability to synthesize your overall knowledge of the American federal government to assess its current condition and future direction. Topic: Based on your knowledge of the American federal government, do you think it is moving in the right direction in the twenty-first century? Why or why not? Your response will be evaluated based on your specific knowledge and level of detail in the following areas: 1. Electoral/campaign process 2. Legislative branch 3. Judicial branch 4. Executive branch 5. Federal bureaucracy Procedure: In addition to the formal introductory and conclusion paragraphs, the paper must include a MINIMUM of ONE paragraph PER each of the following five topics: electoral/campaign process, legislative branch, judicial branch, executive branch, and federal bureaucracy. This means the paper must include a minimum of SEVEN paragraphs. Paper Formatting: 2-3 pages in length minimum (750-1000 words) Double-spaced in Times New Roman 12-point font Per APA guidelines

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