American History

1, Entering the War55 unread replies.55 replies.FDR deliberately avoided entrance into the start of WW2 in 1939 with the hopes of perpetuating an economic recovery from the Great Depression. What fueled this isolationist mentality, and how did the US respond to the outbreak of war in 1939? Why was the Atlantic Charter invoked, and why did the US finally enter the war in 1941? 2 Start of the Civil Rights challenges11 unread reply.11 reply.What were the significant constitutional challenges in the1950s in the Civil Rights Movement? How did these gain tractions? Who were the key players and critical decisions that brought the movement into the public forefront? Lastly, how did this build off the previous pushes for civil rights in the US? Your initial response is due by Friday, with a substantial follow-up to a classmate’s post by Sunday. Please use citations where appropriate. 3 Proxy WarsNo unread replies.No replies.How did Containment spread into development of the Korean War? How did the Korean War develop and resolve? What did it mean for the US presence in containment efforts? Can you tie this in to the rise of the Vietnam War through the use of the “proxy war” ideology?4 : Women’s statusNo unread replies. No replies.What was meant by the “Cult of Domesticity” in the post-war era, and how can you connect it to the rise of the Women’s Rights movement in the 1960’s? What were the contributing factors? What reception did this receive in light of the ongoing discourse of social change in the 1960s?5 ContainmentNo unread replies.No replies.How did the ideology of Containment affect international relations, particularly with the “Iron Curtain” and the Blockade of Eastern Germany?6 Wartime and the Big Three11 unread reply.11 reply.Many often forget the USSR was an integral part of the Allies in WW II, pushing in from the East on Germany, while the US and Britain focused on the Western part of Europe. What were the major differences among the Big Three, and what were the goals of the partnership? How did the constraints that operated prevent each of these participants from attaining the respective goals? What were the outcomes of the Yalta and Potsdam conferences?

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