American History Questions

1. Long after the Revolutionary War ended, Americans continued to debate the meaning of the Revolution. Some historians have described it as an “unfinished revolution.” Do you agree with this characterization? Why or Why not? In your essay, you should describe the efforts of the following groups to gain greater political power or social standing in America between 1800 and 1865: African Americans, Women, and Native Americans.2. In 1776 the American colonists declared independence from Great Britain and the powerful government of the empire centered in London. Do you believe that America’s political leaders stayed true to the political goals they set out during the Revolution or that they turned away from those political goals during the six decades after the Declaration of Independence (from 1776 to 1836)? For full credit on the exam, be sure to discuss the Articles of Confederation and the Constitution; the political parties formed in this era; and the system we referred to as Jacksonian Democracy. {Hint: This question is not about independence. Yes, they wanted to be independent in 1776 and still were in 1836. But the question is asking about the broader political goals such as who should have political power and how should the government be organized.}3. Do you think that the Civil War between the North and South was inevitable? Why or why not? In your answer, describe the historical events between 1840 and 1861 that pushed the North and the South toward conflict as well as those forces that acted to keep the nation together. [Hint: You’ll want to discuss specific historical events from this period. Talking vaguely about slavery won’t cut it.]

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