American Indian Wellness

Mandatory Readings: – E-book – Gonzales (2017) “Traditional Indian Medicine: American Indian Wellness” … (Section 3 – “Healing & Self Governance?”) pages 240-266 Take notes on the readings about the concepts, terms, and information you consider important. – Articles on D2L week 3 – Take Notes i. Walter (2011) Bodies don’t just tell stories they tell histories… ii. Maria Yellow Horse Brave Heart (2011) Historical Trauma Among Indigenous Peoples of the Americas: Concepts, Research, and Clinical Considerations iii. Warne & Lajimodiere (2015) American Indian health disparities psychosocial influences View the following videos and post a reflection making a clear connection between the readings and the content presented in all the videos: a) “The Canary Effect” b) “Standing Rock Documentary: Who, What and Why of the DAPL Protests”

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