Analysis of Ethics

Instructions: Write a 3-5 page paper on the following. You do not need a bibliography but make sure to include appropriate titles and authors within the text. Choose a work of FICTION. It may be a work of literature (short story, novel, play, poem) or a film (movie, episode from a series) that deals with one of the issues we have studied this term.  Write: a. A synopsis of the work b. An explanation of how the issue is presented in the work c. Your analysis of the “ethics” involved. Who acts ethically? Who acts unethically? What are their justifications? What are the consequences of choices made and actions undertaken by different characters? How can we apply some of the “lessons” learned to the real world? How can the insights gleaned from this work inform your present/future role as health care providers? Topics studied: Organ donations/selling of organs/rich buying organs from the poor  The right of euthanasia is it the same as killing a person Lack of healthcare resources leading to deaths Human experimentation for medical purposes (unethical trials)  I was thinking that since it needs to be a work of fiction it could be on the movie the human centipede since it was an unethical Human experiment

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