Analysis of Quantitative

Project report Requirements Your final assessment task in this subject is to write a 3000 words report detailing your research and its findings. Your project report should: Conduct a descriptive analysis of Quantitative findings from all the attached reports, focusing on 2 key areas: What are the top main reasons for Nurses leaving aged care workforce; example-for higher pay, workloads, stress, workplace culture. What are the top factors contributing to employee engagement, job satisfaction, intrinsic and extrinsic motivation factors, retention? Note: Please include these theories to support your argument: ·       Herzberg’s two hygiene factors (Herzberg 2003) ·       Greenberg and “Colquitt’s”. (2013) ‘Procedural justice’ theory is based on a fair pay calculation system. This theory is useful to the study because research evidence suggests that low pay and unpaid hours as contributing to job dissatisfaction among nursing staff ·       A relational reward is based on developing a good relationship between clients and staff ·       Balhis and Trouville (2005) six strategies that can improve a training program. Highlight findings which are similar or different in the reports and present all relevant statistics. Statistics across all articles could be presented in table/graph (image format) and not included in word count. Please reference appropriately- Harvard Style 1.     Include Executive summary 2.     provide recommendations on how to improve the retention of Nurses in Australian aged care and summarise conclusions Grading criteria Your project report will be marked according to the following criteria: Criterion 4 – Analysis and Presentation of Findings: Critically evaluates (analyses and reflects on) the issues related to the identified problem or opportunity. (35%) Criterion 5 – Implications, Recommendations and Conclusions: Summarises key findings in relation to the report discussed earlier; provides evidence-based recommendations; and effectively concludes report showing its purpose was achieved. (30%) Criterion 6 – Referencing: Uses referencing style conventions as outlined in the AIB Style Guide to acknowledge an appropriate number of credible sources of fact and/or theory (5%) Criterion 7 – Structure, Presentation, Communication Style, and Language: Uses the example structure provided; presentation and English language conventions are applied as outlined in the AIB Style Guide to communicate clearly

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