Analytic Review of a Film

This assignment is an analytic review of a film and is worth 50 points. This paper should be typed in 12pt Times New Roman font double-spaced. If you are attaching a file It should be submitted as a Word document with either a .docx or .doc extension. It is to be submitted on Blackboard on the dates indicated on the syllabus. This assignment should be a minimum of 3 pages in length. You must attempt all questions. You will lose points if you don’t cite sources, in-text, using APA format (for citations), and provide references. Bold any key terms.Review chapters 3-4 of The Fitzgerald textbook and then watch the documentary entitled “The Canary Effect” before starting.Follow this guideline:Start with an introduction. Here you should have a clear presentation of a problem, topic, or thesis statements (in other words, there should be a sentence or two in your introduction that tells the reader what you will discuss in your paper)Briefly summarize what you viewed. This summary should be no more than 2 paragraphs.What information/statistics/perspectives did you find most interesting?Use the theory of Internal Colonialism to analyze the film.Explainhow the ‘white racial frame’ theoretical perspective may help us understand why many Americans have not been taught the truenature of Anglo –Native relations/conflict in the U.S.Based on what you saw, discuss how the terms ‘racialization of state policy’ and ‘racial dictatorship’ may be applied to the circumstance of Native Americans in the film.Can you think of any other relevant terms/concepts/theories covered in class/text that could apply to the film?Based on the information relayed in chapters 3-4 and the information presented in The Canary Effect, how do you think the US government, capitalism and racism may be linked and how might they reinforce each other?Writing mechanics including grammar, spelling, and organization of ideas are important!

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