Analyzing the movie Parasite

Political Theory, Philosophy, and Cinema   Parasite Movie (2019) Directed by Bong Joon-Ho –       Analyze the movie using Marx and Nietzsche ideas and texts           o   Use Primary source: (Meaning include quotations from their writings)           o   Marx would be analyzing political economy           o   Nietzsche would be more philosophical                         §  Could draw parallels to “The Birth of Tragedy” –       Use specific scenes from the movie in your analysis           o   Find hidden meanings within the movie (there are quite a few)           o   Analyze how this reveals true message of the movie –       Overall direction of the paper: Who is the parasite?          o   Show how the movie criticizes the elite and wealthy of a capitalist society.           o   Parasite could actually be the rich family that uses cheap labor and looks to take advantage of the poor           o   Socialism better? How do the ideas of Marx fit in? –       Main themes of Parasite:           o   Class conflict           o   Social inequality           o   Wealth disparity

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