Animal Rights

The Assignment: For this assignment, you will choose a company or product that you really like, and patronize or purchase regularly. Do some research into this company or product. How are the workers involved treated? If it makes use of animals or animal products, how are they treated? Are there environmental impacts to be considered? If a company, does it affiliate itself with political causes that you agree or disagree with? Does the company or its CEOs contribute money to causes or organizations that you agree or disagree with? Are there other factors that make you favor or disfavor this company or product? Part I – Explain the results of your research. Did you learn things about the company that surprised you? (In this section, you should simply describe the results of your research. It should be no more than 1/3 of your finished paper). Part II – Given what you’ve learned, do you believe you have a moral responsibility to change your purchasing behavior with regard to this company or product? Explain why appealing to at least one moral theory. Be sure to back up your statements with moral principles and arguments. (In this section, you will be evaluated based on your ability to give a reasoned moral response to as aspect of your own behavior, given research. Reference to specific theorists and concepts we have studied will strengthen your paper.). Part III – Construct a counterargument to your view. Using the principle of charity, explain why someone would disagree with your argument in Part II. (In this section, you will be evaluated based on your ability to understand and explain a view that opposes your own).

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