Animated Discussion

The current ever evolving experiences with Covid 19 presents a number of issues relevant to our class discussions this year. The consequences of the coronavirus have impacted some more than others among the various segments of Canadian society and beyond. Hop over to your local favorite coffee joint and sit down with your tutorial members and check out the adjoining table where seated in animated discussion are Karl Marx, Stuart Hall, Marcel Foucault, and Judith Butler discussing their take on the coronavirus situation. Without appearing to be eavesdropping hear what they have to say and apply some of the discourse and concepts overheard (from the course  term) and apply those of interest to you in explaining how power and its role played (and is playing) out over the past 4 months as we all wait for more positive results to happen. Were there winners and losers? What might be helpful is to consider health as a commodity. Such concepts as commodity fetishism, communicative models of consumption, financial fitness, the concept of the gaze and its relationship to privilege, as well as the consequences experienced on the mental state of the many multitudes involved over the past months will be applied in your analysis. Include a brief analysis of the type of information about the coronavirus communicated in various media formats that reflect the power dimensions of the ‘centre’. Length of paper – 3 to no more than 4 pages double spaced – be concise and at a minimum cover the key theorists and concepts mentioned that you feel are relevant to the questions posed. – This exam is due no later than August 5th at 4 pm.

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