Since half of the points of the term paper are earned by following the Format Specifications, make sure you carefully follow these requirements: Length: minimum length for the body of the paper is 1250 words, not including the cover page and a Works Cited page. Text Format: All text 12pt Times or Cambria. All text must be 1.15 line spacing, with double spacing between paragraphs. Images: No pictures, or drawings on the cover page or anywhere within the report Titles: All titles for movies, tv shows, books, articles, etc. must be italicized. Citation Formatting: MLA format for all in-text citations and the Works Cited page References: On the Term Paper Resources page in the Week 10 module, I provided a long list of different of resources that you will use to build your term paper. The final term paper must include a minimum of 5 high-quality quotes from the resources listed. At a minimum, you must include: 1 journal article (2 quotes minimum) 1 blogs (1 quote minimum) 1 interview (1 quote minimum) 1 other resource (1 quote minimum) You may not use Wikipedia, or any other resource not listed on the Term Paper Resources list. If you have a resource you would like to use in addition to the requirements listed above, you must submit it to the instructor at least 1 week before the due date so that it can be approved it for use in your final term paper. College-level writing: Make sure your paper has no typos or grammatical errors. Make sure you spellcheck and proof read your paper! Structure: Your paper should have the same order of topics as indicated in the Content Specifications section that follows. Follow the Model: Be sure to download and follow the Term Paper Model available in the Great Resources to Help You! section below. Content Specifications Introduction Start your paper with a short introductory paragraph no more than 100 words long. Begin the introductory paragraph with a one-sentence synopsis of the movie. Do not include information about how much money this movie made, or how this movie “is loved by the world over!” Analysis After the Introduction, discuss the following story elements. This section is an analysis, so use a neutral voice in your writing: Story Elements Theme Conflict Subtext – Beyond the plot, what is the deeper message implied by the story. In other words, what is “the moral of the story?” Characters – Protagonist(s) & Antagonist: What are their desires & flaws? How does their physical design reflect their personality? Evaluation The next section is your personal evaluation about Ratatouille as a work of art. Since this is your opinion, a “first person” voice is appropriate. You do not need to include quotes from the resources, but you may cite moments from the film to illustrate your points. Be sure to discuss: What aspects of Ratatouille impressed you? What aspects of Ratatouille could be improved? Conclusion Finish your paper with a well-written concluding paragraph. This is the last thing I will read before deciding on a grade for your paper, so spend some time on it! The entire conclusion should be between 75 and 125 words in length. The conclusion is a summary of the points you made in your paper For the conclusion, use a neutral “voice” again, like you used in the Story Elements section. Do not include opinion statements like “This is the greatest movie ever!” or “This is a masterpiece loved the world over!” Works Cited Page The last page of your term paper is a Work Cited page that lists in MLA format the sources you cited within your paper. Refer to the MLA Formatting guide available in the Great Resources To Help You! section below.

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