Annotated Bibliography should be 1600–1900 words of MAIN TEXT (excluding title page, figures, bibliography, etc.). It should be presented in the standard, formal English.2.Each body paragraph should have an obvious main topic sentence. Ask yourself about the function of each sentence within the paragraph. All body paragraphs should have in-text citations.3.If you get through a paragraph (other than your intro and conclusion) that has no citations, you are either not properly attributing your ideas, or you may not be making a proper analytical argument. I attached the annotated bibliography feedback from the professor, the rubric, and an example text research paper pdf.  please take a look. Here are the things you need to be sure to address as you move forward with the paper, though:   1. You are struggling with clarity. 2. You need to be sure that the body of your paper is not just repeating: For every culture, death is a rite of passage. Here is an example that demonstrates that. You need to keep in mind your argument that we learn more about death as a universal human phenomenon if we keep a “big picture” view that emphasizes similarities.  3. You need to be sure that your references are clear, correct, complete, and consistent. Use the resources at the Flaxman library For more information on Annotated Bibliography read this:

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