anthropology assignment 

Assignment:  For your final reflection, you will create an annotated playlist that includes eight songs.  Please select one song that represents each unit that we have covered in class, one song that represents your thoughts about “human rights” as a whole, and one song that represents your thoughts about what is missing from our discussion about human rights.  Then, in approximately 200 words for each song, explain why you’ve chosen this song and how the song relates to our study in that unit.  Be explicit: which parts of the song/context make it relevant for this unit?  Which class material helps you make this case? Include one entry for each theme: 1) institutions, 2) culture, 3) indigenous rights, 4) migration, 5) mass violence, 6) responses, PLUS: 7) “human rights” as a whole, and 8) what is missing. Submit: You will submit a document to Canvas that includes: your name, my name, our course information, and the date a link to your playlist the title and artist(s) for each song on your playlist followed by a 200 word annotation in which you:       (1) explain how the song relates to the unit         (2) cite specific evidence from the song (lyrics and/or the context for the song)         (3) cite specific evidence from course content (readings and/or class discussions) In total, you will have EIGHT songs and approximately 1,600 words: one for each unit and then a final song that illustrates what you think is missing from our conversation. Note: You can use YouTube, Spotify, SoundCloud, etc. I just need to be able to access your playlist without creating an account.  I will not look at images; I will evaluate based only on the audio/writing. Due date: Your reflection is due by Friday, 31 July at midnight.  Please submit it through the Dropbox on our class Canvas site.  It is your responsibility to ensure that you have submitted your reflection on time. Grading: You must demonstrate that you have carefully considered each unit and chosen a song, and that you have related this song specifically to the material we covered in this class.  The highest grades are reserved for the reflections that: 1) show evidence of thoughtfulness in song selection, 2) explicitly identify and describe parts of the song/context of the song that made it a good choice to represent each unit, 3) explicitly connect the song to arguments/observations in our course material, 4) follow the formatting guidelines. Formatting:  Your paper should be about 1,600 words in length, 12 pt. font, double spaced, 1-inch margins, and in a legible font (ie Times New Roman).  All posts should use correct grammar, punctuation and vocabulary appropriate for a university-level course.  Citations: Cite sources with author’s last name and page number (e.g. Yetbarek, 4).  Do not plagiarize.  If you are unsure of what this means, then please come talk with me.  Please download prompt PDF for list of course unit and readings

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