Anthropology in Africa

Write 30 annotated bibliographies provided 3 annotated bibliographies per page also include how some sources were related to others Athreya and Ackerman 2018 “Did our species evolve in subdivided populations across Africa, and why does it matter?” (2018) Scerri et al Barakat 2002 Regional Pathways to Agriculture in NE Africa Breunig and Neumann 2002 From Hunters and Gatherers to Food Producers Jesse et al. 2004 On the Periphery Brooks 2006 Cultural Responses to Aridity Wengrow et al. 2014 Cultural Convergence Chami 1999 Graeco-Roman Trade Link and Bantu Robertson and Bradley 2000 A new paradigm JC Monroe 2013 Power and Agency Edwards 1998 Meroe and the Sudanic Kingdoms Burstein 2008 When Greek was an African Language African Anthropologies: History, Critique, and Practice edited by Mwenda Ntarangwi, David Mills, Mustafa Babiker Perspectives on Africa: A Reader in Culture, History, and Representation edited by Roy Richard Grinker, Stephen C. Lubkemann, Christopher B. Steiner How Europe Underdeveloped Africa by Walter Rodney Buskens and Webb 2014 African Women and ICTs Anderson and Jones 2015 Afrofuturism 2.0 Introduction Brooks 2018 Cruelty and Afrofuturism. Sadr 1997 Kalahari Archaeology and the Bushman Debate Smith 2001 Ethnohistory and the Archaeology of the Ju/’Hoansi Stamps 1990 Technology, Gender and Power in Africa Insoll 2003 Introduction to the Archaeology of Islam Smith 1988 Kingdoms of the Yoruba La Ferrara, Eliana, and Annamaria Milazzo. “Customary norms, inheritance, and human capital: evidence from a reform of the matrilineal system in Ghana.” American Economic  Journal: Applied Economics Oduro-Sarpong, Samuel. “Examining the Concept of Participation in Traditional Societies: A Case of the Akan Traditional Society of Ghana.” (2003) Waithira, Simon R. Challenges facing homeownership among women in Kenya. A case study of Kikuyu town. Diss. University of Nairobi, 2013. Wamue-Ngare, Grace, and Waithera Nancy Njoroge. “Gender paradigm shift within the family structure in Kiambu, Kenya.” African Journal of Social Sciences 1.3 (2011) Russell et al. (2014) Modelling the spread of farming in the Bantu-speaking regions of Africa: an archaeology-based phylogeography  Monroe, J. Cameron. “The Precolonial State in West Africa: Building Power in Dahomey.” Richard, F.G. Historical and Dialectical Perspectives on the Archaeology of Complexity in the Siin-Saalum (Senegal): Back to the Future?

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