AP Reflection

Directions: take two (2) pieces of feedback you received, preferably ones that provide a more interesting bit of analysis than ‘I misspelled these words’ or ‘my formatting was off,’ and explain the effect they had on your paper.  In each case, cite the comment, cite the part of the paper that the comment was a reference to, then show me how you changed your paper to reflect the change suggested by this comment.  Throughout this process, explain why each was a meaningful change to your paper, how it makes you think differently about your writing, possible repercussions for your future work, how it improved (or didn’t!) your final paper, etc. I expect at least 250-300 words of original writing per piece of feedback that you analyze, not including the word count of your citations themselves.  Reminder: the intention of this assignment is to give you some writing that can be pretty much directly included in your Reflective Introduction essay, with perhaps some minor tweaking.

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