Applied Sociological Activity

Applied Sociological Activity Racial & Ethnic Relations   I.               Select one or two topics related to racial and ethnic relations that you feel pose the greatest challenge to the establishment of a harmonious and equitable society.  The following are some possible topic choices: segregation, profiling, negative stereotyping, prejudice, discrimination, we vs they, cultural appropriation, color blind racism, white guilt, identity politics racism, disparities in wealth, cultural capital, social capital, racial formation, white privilege, victimization/entitlement, incarcerations, criminal justice, implicit bias, population transfer, ethnic cleansing/genocide, immigration, assimilation, etc.   II.              Explain why you chose your topic(s) III.            Discuss what you see as the contributing factors involved with your topic (e.g. what factors/motives are behind segregatio    IV.            In at least one page, offer a solution or program to alleviate the challenge associated with your topic.

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