Applying Ethical Systems

Construct an essay (1,000-1,250 words) that applies an ethical theory (chosen from ethical theories below) to a particular moral issue (chosen from topics below). In your essay do the following: Provide a brief introduction and thesis statement (75-100 words). Define or describe a selected moral issue involving an ethical dilemma (see topics below) (150-200 words). State one or more claims made by each opposing position on the selected moral issue (250-300 words). Select and describe a normative ethical theory that you will utilize in arguing for your position on the moral issue (150-200 words). Utilizing the selected normative ethical theory, provide one or more detailed arguments to support your position on the moral issue (250-300 words). In conclusion, express how your stance on the moral issue impacts your own behavior (75-100 words). Topics: Abortion or Medical Abortion Animal Rights or Animal Welfare Artificial Intelligence or Transhumanism Assisted Suicide or Euthanasia Capital Punishment Cell Phones in Schools or Laptops in Schools Charter Schools or Homeschooling Compensation for College Athletes Facial Recognition Technology Gambling or Gaming Gay/Lesbian or Transgender Individuals in the Military Genetic Engineering or Designer Babies Global Warming/Climate Change Gun Control or Assault Weapons Ban Mandatory Vaccinations Medical or Recreational Marijuana Use Minimum Legal Drinking Age or Voting Age Nuclear weapons Performance Enhancing Drugs Pornography or Prostitution Sanctuary Cities Select Bans on Immigration Slavery Reparations Torture Vaping and/or E-Cigarettes Ethical Theories: Divine Command Theory, Natural Law Ethics, or Kantian Ethics (subcategories of Deontological ethics) Ethical Egoism or Utilitarianism (subcategories of Teleological ethics) Ethical Subjectivism or Ethical Conventionalism (subcategories of Ethical Relativism) Christian Ethics or Theological Ethics Virtue Ethics While empirical data and/or statistics may be integrated into your essay, this should not be excessive. Use and properly cite information from at least two course materials (for example: class lectures, topic overview, textbook, topic videos, additional supplemental academic sources)  and at least two additional academic sources (for example: GCU Library Databases for journal articles, philosophy dictionaries and encyclopedias) to inform your response.  Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide.

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